Bridges is designed to lead a person through from a limited understanding of why Jesus came to a more solid grounding in the relationship that person has with God through Jesus Christ. The keynote of each lesson is always relationships - a Christian's relationship to God, to other Christians, and to non-believers in the world. The lesson is not trying to introduce major doctrinal truths. It is simply aimed at a change of world-view - a world-view that now includes Jesus Christ as its centre, and a daily relationship with God as its basis.

Bridges is made up of five lessons:

  1. Getting to know Jesus
  2. Discovering the real me
  3. Living daily with God
  4. Discovering God in Church
  5. Reaching out with Jesus

The course also comes with a Bridges Handbook, developed for the training of follow-up leaders.

  1. What is Follow-up?
  2. The Bridges Course
  3. Leading a Follow-up Group
  4. Being a Bridges Leader

You can also download this whole series (in zipped HTML format). We recommend you check out our download instructions before downloading.