Breakthrough on the Border

A community-wide sense of God's presence in El Paso, Texas, strengthens evangelist Luis Palau's faith that America can experience revival.

PORTLAND, Oregon (June 3, 1997), God's Spirit at work in the predominantly Hispanic culture in El Paso, Texas, not only produced one of Luis Palau's most fruitful crusades anywhere in the world, but also invigorated the evangelist's hope that revival can take place in America.

"We must pray that in the future all crusades could be like this," Palau said. "At last my faith has been strengthened that our nation could actually experience a true, deep-seated revival in our generation."

First in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (May 20-24), and then El Paso (May 25-31), Palau preached to crowds that totaled 142,000 people. More than 8,200 inquirers made a public statement of commitment to Christ.

At the smaller, affinity group events in El Paso, response to Palau's Gospel invitation ranged from 33 percent to 68 percent. At a luncheon, for example, 581 women of the 850 in attendance indicated on a response card they were committing their lives to Jesus Christ or wanted additional information. Of that number, 246 said they were trusting Christ for the first time.

"I have been in revivals in several Latin American countries, Eastern Europe, and Asia, but never in our American crusades have we sensed such a spirit as in El Paso-Juarez," Palau said. "We experienced the elements of what historically is called a revival-- among Christians profound repentance, confession, and reconciliation with God coupled with a cry for holiness. And conversions to Christ in an overwhelming manner.

"There was a touch of expectation, a sense that God was speaking to El Paso and truly visiting the city. The crusade was the talk on the streets and in the media."

During both crusades in Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Palau was on television 10 nights with his live call-in program. Twenty-seven people prayed with him on the air, inviting Jesus Christ into their lives. Daily newspaper, television, and radio interviews and reports took the Gospel throughout the region of more than two million people.

"El Paso confirmed in my mind the message America needs," Palau said. "Unless we return to Jesus Christ and the Bible, we're finished as a nation. America is in a moral slide that will take us to the bottom of the pit. We must humbly but forcefully point the way to Jesus Christ.

"Some people might be offended, but we must proclaim that America is great because of Jesus Christ, and if we lose Christ we lose our greatness."

Luis Palau now is in Bristol, England, for a crusade and rallies in surrouding cities June 4-14. His next U.S. crusade is in Kansas City, Missouri, Oct. 8-12, 1997.

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