Bible School of the Air for Papua New Guinea

Good News Broadcasting, the Australia-Pacific Office of Back to the Bible, is planning to start a BIBLE SCHOOL OF THE AIR in Papua New Guinea in cooperation with national churches and mission agencies. Its main purpose will be to provide quality Bible teaching through the media to Christian workers in difficult situations and isolated communities.

The project plan is now being discussed with potential partners in Papua New Guinea and Australia. "This will be essentially a collaborative ministry" says John Key, chief executive of Good News Broadcasting. "We are looking for the finest expertise so as to link the foremost Bible teachers in Papua New Guinea with pastors, leaders and workers who cannot reach or cannot afford formal training at a Bible School.

The decision to move ahead with the Bible School of the Air follows an intensive survey of Christian broadcasting in PNG, which was commissioned by GNB earlier this year. "The survey revealed critical needs, tremendous opportunities and many enthusiastic partners", says John Key. "We hope to establish a pilot project in 1998 using radio productions, because nearly everyone has access to a radio. The second phase will introduce interactive group work through the internet, which will be an exciting development."

Initially the Bible School of the Air programs will be beamed into PNG from Trans World Radio transmitters in Guam. "TWR currently broadcasts English-language programs into PNG" says Mr Key. "Most of the new programs will be in Pidgin in order to communicate well with our target audience. The listening schedule will be expanded to include weekend programs with a youth focus".

Source: Good News Broadcasting

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