China, Communism, Crime & Corruption

by Don Smyth

We are now entering the first days of the China takeover of Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong are bracing themselves in preparation for this major shift in power. The whole world is focusing on HONG KONG, and everywhere the questions are asked, "How will the 1997 takeover affect HONG KONG?". "How do the people in HONG KONG feel about the takeover?"

GOD alone knows how the practical outworking of the Sino-British agreement over the future of HONG KONG will work out, but there is one fact that remains unquestionable, and that is that the LORD GOD IS SOVEREIGN, and that the destiny of HONG KONG rests in HIS hands. What a wonderful comfort it is knowing that HE is in full control of the situation, as HE is with the affairs of all mankind!

Personally speaking, I do not believe that Communism represents the greatest threat to the future stability, prosperity and general well-being of HONG KONG, but rather that CRIME and CORRUPTION represent much greater hindrances to a smooth transition to Chinese control. The Chinese government has, for years, been battling with the effects of corruption within its Party system, and despite many crackdowns and the imposition of the most severe punishments for offenders yet crime and corruption still remain major problems within government, army and police at all levels. Commercial corruption still continues to play havoc with the economic recovery programs set by the Communist Party.

Inspite of these things many people (including myself) feel very optimistic about the future of HONG KONG and that, given time, these difficulties will be dealt with, if not entirely, at least in part (not without experiencing some teething problems, following the transition, of course). HONG KONG will continue, I believe, to enjoy relative prosperity and stability, and as the HOLY SPIRIT continues to move (as HE clearly is doing at the present time) moral values will change and GOD'S blessing on the city of HONG KONG will become more and more evident, as it is in other nations in this part of the world that are turning to HIM. In the meantime Christians in HONG KONG are uniting in prayer in preparation for the coming takeover. Will you join us in prayer, and pray that the vast population of unreached people in HONG KONG's motherland Mainland China, would be reached for JESUS, and that HE would use HIS Church in HONG KONG to help fulfill HIS purpose towards that end!

Pray that many in HONG KONG and other parts of CHINA would be converted from CRIME and CORRUPTION to CHRIST! Please pray also for the Filipino Churches in HONG KONG, that they would continue to move in revival, even after 1997. The Filipinos in HONG KONG would greatly value your prayer support.

Don Smyth
P.O. Box 339
Yuen Long, N.T.
Hong Kong


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