More than a Survivor

by Kaylene Simon

I was born of Aborginal and European parents. I loved everyone, both from the European side and also the Aboriginal community. At school I was friends with everyone and this was no problem until gangs began to develop in the school representing both races. I found myself in the middle under extreme pressure to take one side or another and at this time I began to experience a real identity crisis. Because I would not join one side against the other I found myself rejected by both groups.

After I left school, looking for acceptance, I found myself drifting into nightclubs and becoming involved in drinking and drugs. It was in a nightclub that I met my first husband, who was involved in a strange cult. He was a Tongan so to me this represented a third group with whom I could find acceptance.

My husband's cult had strange beliefs, which included going to their so-called "church" stoned on drugs. I soon found that I was married to a very abusive man and would come to endure many years of extreme physical and mental abuse. At one point in time, I isolated myself in one room for over five years because of the fear and the torment that had taken hold of me.

I was institutionalised a number of times in the hope of getting some help. All the counsel and treatment seemed to only confuse me further and the drugs made me feel like I was on a continual high. I seemed to lose all sense of reality. The medication became an addiction in itself.

Finally, after a severe beating from my husband, which left me in deep depression and distress, I remembered as a child being told how peaceful heaven was. With this in mind, and in my desperation, I took over 100 pills of my medication and OD'ed.

I was rushed to hospital in a coma, where they put me on life-support and tried to pump my stomach. I did not respond and was in a state of being clinically dead. While in this state I felt like I was floating down a long dark tunnel with light at the end, the brightest light I had ever seen. Then I saw giant hands come through the light and push me back. That is when I woke out of the coma and saw my mother standing next to the hospital bed with an Anglican priest who had been praying for me for days.

It was sometime later that I actually came to know Jesus Christ personally and receive Him into my life but it was very evident that God's hand had been upon my life for some time. I believe that the hands that pushed me back were the hands of Jesus.

At a church meeting I was prayed for concerning my addictions. I was touched by the Holy Spirit and found myself prostrate on the floor for some time. When I got up from that experience I knew that I was a new person free from all my addictions and also able to forgive my ex-husband for all the abuse in the past.

God later brought Bill Simon and I together and we are now happily serving the Lord, sharing the miracles of God which we have experienced and bringing hope to many others.

Source: Kaylene Simon, Maitland, NSW, Australia.

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