Seventeen Lost Sheep

A young Chinese Christian from Henan province, Brother Zhu Bao-shan (real name), was arrested in 1986 after the Three Self Church (the government-established Christian authority) accused him of preaching without their permission. On the second day of his detention he prayed and asked the Lord why this had happened, since his ministry had been very fruitful. The Lord told him he would be in prison for exactly 20 days and would lead "17 lost sheep" to the Lord.

He witnessed faithfully only to meet ridicule and rejection from all the prisoners. On the 14th day he prayed, "Lord, there are only six days left and not one has come to know You!" The Lord re-affirmed His promise to Brother Zhu. On that day there was a prison brawl and one of the prisoners was killed as a result.

The prison authorities knew they would have to give an account of the death of this prisoner, so they said to Brother Zhu, "We've heard you Christians have power to pray for the dead and bring them to life. If you pray for this dead prisoner and he comes to life, you will be released. Otherwise we will sentence you to 15 years of prison."

The prisoner had now been dead for 7 hours and 20 minutes. Brother Zhu prayed fervently and God performed a miracle and restored the dead prisoner to life. When he was released six days later, Brother Zhu counted exactly 17 converts to Christ.

Source: Revival Christian Church, Hong Kong.