In Search of Peace

This true story was sent to us by this young man himself. We changed his name and can not give you details of where he comes from because of persecution from family and friends.

I thought everything was just a trick to convince people for Christianity. It was five years ago, when I first saw an advertisement in a local newspaper which read "Are you looking for peace, joy, hope and security? Jesus Christ can give you all those".

Out of my curiosity, I wrote them a note showing interest to hear from them what they had to say. Within a few days, a package came with some books, tracks and a correspondence Bible course. I didn't pay any attention to what they sent and tore everything one by one. My religious belief made me angry towards Christians. Nevertheless, I had no peace in my heart. In fact, there was an emptyness within me.

I was a student of accounting in a Commerce College during those time. Being high cast Hindu, I was so religious and used to do all kinds of ritual things even idol worship. My father was a well known school teacher who taught us how to serve different god and goddess. I am the youngest in the family among five brothers and five sisters. My father had a big ambition for me and he used to be my counsellor in all things.

A couple of years after, my father died of sickness. Since then, my dream fade away. I was so frustrated. Everything seems meaningless to me. There was no joy, peace or hope for me. A vast hopelessness took control of me. I wanted to find out real meaning of life, but there was none who can tell. Once I even thought of committing suicide.

As a writer in a newspaper, I wrote about lots of problem and tried to give solution to the readers. But my problem was still unchanged and unsolved. I was not happy for unknown reason......

Then one of those days, I met a friend who gave me the address of a man and told me that this man can help me to find a way out of my problems and unhappiness. Then one afternoon, I went to see that man. He told me that "God loves me so much that He gave His only begotten Son for my sins. He died and rose again and now wants to give me a new life with eternal security". Those words gave me a new direction, a new hope to live.

I can not forget what I heard from him that day. I couldn't sleep the whole night. What I have heard kept coming to my mind. I felt somebody was calling me from within to surrender my life to him who gives salvation.

I was convicted as a sinner and I remembered what the man said, "What will be the benefit if anyone gain the whole world and go to hell after death"? I never thought of life after death. But now, if I die without having forgiveness of sin, my life will be miserable. I wanted to cry for help.......

The next day, I went back to the man again for another counsel. He read to me wonderful words from the Bible - "while we were still sinners Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).

It's indeed hard to believe that one who had no sin, died for my sins in order to give me new life. I was convicted, my religious belief got confused. My brain seems not to be working anymore. I knew I had to repent and turn to Him. Finally, I gave my life to the King of kings. Since then, my life was changed. The life I live today, is to glorify my Lord and Saviour.

I'm still writing with the newspaper. But the old James has died and the new James alive. I know God has a purpose for me. He wants to use my ability to reach out to others. I have a destiny today, and a reason to live.

To God be the glory!

Please pray for James. He is going through difficult times because of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He needs your prayers so he will be able to stand strong in his new life and overcome the problems he is facing for believing in Jesus. Also, pray for the calling of God in his life. At this time, he doesn't know what God has prepared for him to do but he is preparing himself for the fulfilment of that call.

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