A Divine Encounter

by Dana Adona

This is the story of Dana Adona, one of the many thousands of Filipinas working in Hong Kong. This is her testimony....

During the month of November - 1994 I started experiencing severe migraines, shortness of breath, and cold sweat, resulting in frequent vomiting especially if I moved. I was weak even at the start of each day, and it was a struggle to keep my legs straight. I began losing weight.

I went for a thorough medical check-up and was diagnosed as having a toxic goiter in my thyroid. It was complicated by imbalanced hormones - the normal rate being 11.5 and mine was a staggering 28.0! I was placed under medication that was supposed to last for 6-7 months. Surgery was not advisable because it could affect my heart and possibly kill me. Medicine was very expensive and would meant stretching my budget excessively!

I took the medication but just before I had finished the first batch I was gripped by fear that the migraine symptoms would return. After more tests, my condition was further aggravated by the discovery of a tumor that had developed in my thyroid. Everything seemed to be utterly hopeless. In desperation I cried to the Lord in prayer, pouring out my fears, my financial difficulties, and with whatever faith I have, believed and confessed that through His Name I would be healed!

GOD is good! During recent Revival Meetings in Hong Kong, I was able to attend one evening session. In my heart I believed that the outpouring of the HOLY SPIRIT'S anointing would bring the miracle that I so desperately needed. My lips confessed a strong declaration of faith that the Lord would meet me in a very special way. As the meeting progressed, my heart was filled with worship unto HIM! Repentance and complete surrender brought tears to my eyes. But it wasn't for long before I found myself filled with the joy of the LORD.

The next day instead of seeing the doctor I decided to put our Revival Meeting as my top priority. I decided to go to my pastor (Pastor Smyth) for more prayer because my faith and determination to receive my complete healing that day was so strong. Before my pastor prayed for me, he said, "Don't Worry" and those words hit me! I knew I had to trust the Lord with all my heart. After prayer, I fell flat on my back and my body started to tremble. Then it was so real - I heard myself cry a loud shout and exhaled so strongly as if something came out from the depths of my being. I was aware that GOD was at work in my innermost being.

After some moments of what seemed like a spiritual battle with the forces of darkness, I saw this bright light and thousands, even millions of people kneeling before and worshipping the Lord. Then the uncontrollable laughter gripped me. I felt a freedom from a heavy load. My hands were then lifted up in praise and adoration to the King! To my amazement, my hands were lifted up for so long but without any trace of tiredness. I felt a force supporting my hands up while I waved them before the Lord. Then peace and joy filled me. I knew that I was healed!

The following Monday I went to see the doctor and to my great excitement he said that after seeing the X-rays, my condition was normal and 100% clear. All I could say was, "THANK YOU, LORD!"

The Lord healed me. His sovereignty and mighty strength were so real to me. PRAISE HIM! I have a new life and a new hope from the Lord.

Now I have an even greater zeal to serve Him.

Source: Ms. Dana Adona, International Christian Life Center
Yuen Long,Hong Kong

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