Betrothal of the City

A poem by David Collins <[email protected]>

In Eden's mists the trace began
Of things unseen in history
For 'mid the noise still overran
Strains of a hidden melody
The imprint of an ancient plan
That stirs within the breast of man
The yearnings of eternity

Like waking from forgetfulness
How slow unfolds the mystery
The march of truth that would redress
The sloth that bound antiquity
Yet truth prevails, our slumber past
And heralds elements that cast
The shadows of eternity

The Abrahamic dream fulfilled
The sum of hope and prophecy
Nay, not with bricks and mortar build
The prospect of a new City
Of people is this City made
From every clan that has obeyed
The summons of eternity

A jewel set in diadem
Betrothal of humanity
Here comes the New Jerusalem
The affianced society
For here live those foretold of old
Who throng upon streets paved with gold
The people of eternity


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