Love is God

A poem by Kevin Williams <[email protected]>

"The Kingdom of my Father is near!" Jesus said.
"Where is this Kingdom of heaven?" they pled.
"It is not of this world," He denied.
"Then show us the Father," they replied.
"Your Father is Love from heaven above.
Within you resides His Kingdom of Love.
Your Father has already appeared, you see.
The One who speaks to you now is He.
I am your Father. You are my sons.
You are my children, my beloved ones.
I am the Spirit. The Spirit is Love.
I am the Love that comes from above.
I am the Son that shines so bright.
The Light of the world, Love is the Light.
I am the Shepherd. I’ll show you the Way.
The Way is Love. I am the Way.
I am the Truth. The Truth is Law.
The Law is Love and Love is God.
I am these Words of Love you heard.
The Word is Love. I am the Word.
I am Love, the Bread of Life,
Eternal Love, Life and Light.
The Father, Son and Spirit above,
The Mind, Body and Soul of Love.
I appear as a Man and appear as a Dove.
I am the Lion and Lamb of Love.
Everyone who Loves is born of Me.
Salvation can come only through Me.
I am Love. The Lord Jesus, I am.
I am the Rock on which you stand.
I am your God, this Love divine.
You are the branches. I am the Vine.
I am the Resurrection, you will see,
When my Kingdom of Love rises in thee.
I am the Love that sets men free.
Open your heart and follow Me."

1 John 4:7-8


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