Victory Through Christ

I have conquered the world. John 16:33.
Just as Jesus was identified with us in our defeats and sicknesses and suffering, so, he says, we can be identified with him in his victory. This opens up some amazing possibilities. His victories I can make my own. If I adjust my life to his, and relate intimately to him, when he overcomes I can overcome. I actually live by the life and victories of another. That doesn't imply the absence of trouble, but the transformation of trouble.

Stanley Jones tells of a missionary couple, married rather late in life, but who were deeply in love with each other. The husband at the breakfast table was telling guests of a dream he had the night before. His wife broke in, 'Why, Frank, did you dream that dream or did I?' They were so identified with each other's experiences that they couldn't tell which one dreamed the dream! We can smile at the naivete of these married lovers, but in truth a committed Christian can say to Christ, 'Why Master, did you win that battle, or did I?' And we hear him gently answer, 'Why, we both did, for my victories are your victories!'

You have won the victory, Lord, through your death and resurrection. One day your victory will be complete: you will be victorious over all things. I want to share the victory parade with you. Amen.


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