New Season, New Song

By Ruth Webb

Part 1

The following pages contain excerpts from my new book: "New Season New Song." In January 1996, the Lord impressed upon me to share this message with all music makers and pastors. I pray that as you read these excerpts that where confirmation is needed, the Lord will confirm His Word, and where conviction is needed, the Holy Spirit will convict of sin, of righteousness and judgement. May we all seek the guidance and direction of the Lord for the New Season so that the Body of Christ, and indeed non-believers, will be blessed by a beautiful, powerful and anointed prophetic song.

Ruth Webb

The Future is with the Prophetic Song

The Lord is moving His church into a new season. The fire of God will be seen through the land as the Lord purifies His bride. It will be a move of holiness to the Lord, and the glory of the Lord being seen. With this move of God will be released a prophetic song with an unprecedented anointing for healing and restoration. In his book, "The Harvest Vol.II," Rick Joyner says,
"Anointed music will be one of the church's biggest guns in the battle of the last days... The Lord is about to anoint prophetic minstrels who will capture the world's attention...The ultimate position of the prophetic minstrels is not to just copy the world's style of music and try to do it better while adding Christian lyrics, but to capture the music that the Father loves, which is played in heaven, and transfer it to the earth."
This song of heaven, which the Apostle John calls a "new song" in Revelation 5:13, is the song that the Lord wants released in the church. The new song, the song of the blood of the Lamb is prophetic because it declares the Word of the Lord and because it is the testimony of Jesus. In the Tabernacle of David, the musicians were appointed to prophesy on their instruments. The Lord is preparing the ground to restore the Tabernacle of David (Acts 15:16,17). The prophetic "new song" brings believers to focus on worshipping Jesus the Lamb of God. lt is good to sing about what God has done for "me", it is good to sing about revival and about worship, but it is much more wonderful to exalt, glorify and adore Him who has redeemed us.

We sing many songs about worship, but how often do we actually worship Him? There is a big difference. In fact, much of what we call worship is really praise. And much of what we call worship we really need to repent of. I believe the Lord is preparing to anoint minstrels who will release the Body of Christ in such powerful times of worship and intimacy in the presence of Almighty God, that the glory cloud will be seen again in the church.

HALLELUJAH! The new song, the prophetic heavenly song, will bring with it the fear of God upon believers and non-believers.

"He has put a new song in my mouth- praise to our God; Many will see it and fear, and will trust in the Lord." Psalm 40:3
We need to have a healthy fear and respect for God. He is not only our Saviour and Redeemer, but also our Judge. In our approach to God's presence...we must show that we respect God's holiness and awesome majesty. How can we expect the world to respect God if we are casual and flippant about His holy nature and character?

The song of heaven will release unity and healing into the genuine members of the Body of Christ. The music of heaven will be loved by all, young and old. Generation gaps, musical tastes and cultural perspectives are irrelevant to the music of heaven. We need to put our musical and spiritual roots into the river of God that flows from His throne. All that proceeds from this river is filled with healing.

Releasing the Song of Heaven

How can this beautiful music be released in the church? God is presently preparing His minstrels and His church to be able to handle the outpouring of His power. The Lord is cleansing His vessels so that they are able to contain His glory. If we want the greater anointing we have to expect there will be greater demands, hence the emphasis of holiness and wholeness. For many things that were acceptable yesterday will not be permitted in the new move of God. Rick Joyner says,
"To receive the highest anointing, minstrels must be healed of the spiritual wounds and insecurities that cause them to fall into self-centredness. This great anointing can be perverted, which will only result in a greater depravity and corruption of soul. Major changes must be made in the way the church is now stewarding her music ministries before the Lord can give this greater anointing- for our own safety."
It is time for God's minstrels and servants to be open to the cleansing, purifying fire of God.
"He will purify the sons of Levi (musicians came from this tribe), and purge them as gold and silver; that they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness." Malachi 3:3
If we want the blessing of the prophetic song, then we must first be prepared to let the Lord clean up the areas that would otherwise be a stumbling block to the glory or God. Rick Joyner says that,
"We are now in a period of time that the Lord has given to allow all of those who are presently committed to Christian music to repent for allowing the ways of the world to take dominion over their ministries."
We must never fear repentance. God does not condemn us, He simply provides us with an opportunity to find freedom and deliverance. The Lord wants to release the music of heaven into the church, not so that we can be entertained, but so that we can be changed; changed into His image, to be Christlike. Whatever great things have been accomplished in the past twenty years, and whatever visions and plans God has given us for the future, God's will cannot be accomplished without God's strength and strategy being imparted to us. We have lived in a time when God has blessed our schemes and ideas - His permissive will. But we are coming into a time when only God's chosen and perfect will, will be blessed.

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