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Series: Prayer

Prayer is our communication with God, our link with the eternal purpose He has laid out. The early Church "devoted themselves to prayer" (Acts 2:42).

Every Christian would readily acknowledge the importance of prayer, but so few really come to grips with a meaningful prayer life. Prayer meetings are usually the least attended meetings in the majority of churches. Something must be wrong. For the average Christian there must be a lack of vision or faulty understanding of what prayer really is. To this end we are exploring the great areas of prayer in this series.

Surely, when we realise how the Lord delights to answer prayer, we would want to pray more.

Hopefully this will be every Christian's experience as he begins to step out with God in prayer.

  1. The Call To Prayer
  2. Dynamic Prayer
  3. Teach Us To Pray (Part 1)
  4. Teach Us To Pray (Part 2)
  5. Individual Prayer
  6. Yokefellows
  7. Corporate Prayer
  8. Intercession

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